8:15 AM Traditional, 9:30 & 11:00 AM Contemporary

there's something for everyone!

Motion Students exists so that students far from God find life in Jesus, and follow Him step by step. We believe that our faith is not meant to be idle, our faith is meant to be in motion for Christ. Our prayer is that each student will discover they are created by God and that God is equipping them to do what He has created them to do so they can put their faith in Christ in motion. We'd love to see you at our next event! Contact Ben Dyer to learn more. 

We now have two seprate ministries! One for Jr High and one for HIGH SCHOOL!

Motion Jr High meets on Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm

Motion HS meets Sunday nights from 7-8:30pm

Instagram: @motionstudentsds

Facebook: motionstudentministries

Weekly Schedule

Sunday Morning

9:30 AM - Motion Tribes (MS/HS BOYS/GIRLS)

11:00 AM - Modern Worship




Join our GroupMe

We use the GroupMe app to keep students, parents, and leaders engaged with important communication.

  • If you're a student and would like to join the GroupMe student group, search "MotionDS" on GroupMe.
  • If you're a parent and would like to join the GroupMe parent group, search "Motion Parents"on GroupMe.

Motion Parent Partner

Hey Parents!  We know raising a teenager is a lot.  Especially in a world that is fast paced and technologically advanced.  This can be stressful and overwhelming.  This is why here at Motion Students we want to partner with you in discipling your student!  Click on the link below and download the parent partner material for this month and get started today.  

Parent Partner

Motion Parent Page

Hey Parents, do you want another great resource to help you keep up with the media saturated culture your student is living in?  Well your in luck; here is the parent page that helps you stay in tune with what is happening in there world, trends, styles, technology, and articles on what teens are dealing with!  Just click on the link for our Parent Page!  

Parent PAge