Home Point


8:15 AM Traditional, 9:30 & 11:00 AM Contemporary

You know the problems...

  • Half of those raised in church walk away as adults
  • The problem isn't what's happening at church, but what's not happening at home
  • Adding more events or programs is not the answer

What's the Answer?

Home Point at First Denham is an integrated church strategy for creating a culture of intentional families. It exists to increase the likelihood that those attending our church will…

  • Build a life–long, thriving marriage
  • Introduce their children to Christ
  • Launch their teens as committed believers

The Home Point Strategy

  • Make It Easy...our new Home Point Resource Center provides families with bite-sized intentionality for every family life season and situation.
  • Make It Likely...we want to increase the probability of your family becoming intentional with free resources designed to provide information, direction, inspiration, and answers so that your family can develop Faith@Home habits.
  • Make It Happen...we want to remove every barrier and excuse for NOT developing Faith@Home habits.

What are the Resources?

  • Home Point Pointers...with more than two dozen topics, Home Point Pointers provide a biblical perspective on common family seasons and challenges along with recommended “going further” resources (free and/or for purchase) and a description of ministry programs or a contact person at our church to support each situation.
  • Recipe Cards...the best intentions are useless without practical ideas to bring faith home. Recipe Cards are a
    versatile resource that makes it easy for couples, parents, and grandparents to do the right thing. They also serve as an ideal tool for motivating seasonal intentionality on holidays such as Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.
  • 120-Day Plans...we will invite every adult to complete an Appraisal and Plan several times per year. The goal is for every family to assess how they’ve done the past 120 days and decide what small steps they can take in the next.
  • Home Point Campaigns...several times a year, we'll have a sermon series and related resources designed to meet a felt need and to grow your discipleship personally and at home.
  • Faith Path...on select birthdays parents receive an invitation from the church offering a free kit that will train and jump-start them on the age-appropriate strategy for their child’s faith formation from birth through age eighteen. Parents of a three-year-old will learn to launch a blessing routine, while parents of pre-teens will be equipped to have “The Talk” with their emerging adolescent. Each kit includes a training video, guide, starter ideas, and other helpful elements that can be picked up from the Home Point Resource Center or accessed by clicking here

Where Is the Home Point Resource Center?

It's directly across from the check-in desk for First Kids. We invite you to stop by and see what the HPRC offers. We'll be changing and updating the resources on a regular basis.