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It's Time for a new church directory

We're working on a new church directory for First Denham that, we hope, will be ready to launch in the next couple of weeks. This directory isn't like the ones from the past that were byproducts of a photo session by a company that sold church member's photo packages. While those were very valuable and good for families, the church directories were often outdated as soon as they were printed. The fact is, people come and people go in the life of any church. We want to avoid that outdated book and provide a directory that is updated regularly (quarterly) and that leverages modern technology. God is sending us new members all the time, so we want to be sure we're updating the church body with reliable information about those new faces. We will use a free app available to most smartphone and tablet users via their platform's app store (Apple, Google, and Amazon). We'll also provide access to the directory through our website using a secure portal with your own username and password. You can request that here (in February). You can also request a copy of the directory to be printed and provided to you through our church office. Our new directory will include the usual details that any directory of families and individuals, contact information, and, for those who want it, birthday and anniversary dates. We're happy to be able to provide this service that is free of charge and secure. ONLY church members who request access to the online version of the directory will have access to it. We ask that you do not share the directory with others so that we can maintain the security of our members' personal contact information. We take that very seriously. Please stay tuned for upcoming details! AND, Smile!