Beginning on February 14, 2016 we will start a 6-week spiritual growth campaign to

  1. Encourage our members to take the next step in their spiritual growth, and,
  2. Reach our unchurched friends, relatives and other families

Here’s What Will Happen:

  • Beginning on February 14, our pastor will be preaching 6 messages on spiritual growth and evangelism.
  • In addition to your Bible, we will provide a book (by Rick Warren) to help you with the process of spiritual growth. We will encourage our members to help off-set the cost of the book as they are able. (Books cost about $9 each).
  • Our Sunday morning Bible Study Classes will consider doing this 6-week DVD driven study, then return to your normal SS lessons.
  • We will ask our church members to consider opening their homes to host a 6-week DVD study of spiritual growth. This will be an opportunity to reach your friends/neighbors with the message of the Gospel.
  • For those church members who will host a small group in their homes, we will have an orientation session on January 24 at 4:00 pm OR January 27 at 6:30 pm.
  • As our church members will work at this process, we can see many people come to faith in Christ AND see an impact in the lives of our own members to be more committed to the Lord and His work.

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