Disciple University


Sunday - 8:15AM Small Groups, 9:30AM Traditional Worship/Small Groups, 10:45 Contemporary Worship

What is disciple university?

There is a life-cycle for discipleship. It starts with death. Ephesians 2:1 says that we were “dead in our sins…” so every person who comes to Jesus has been previously dead (spiritually speaking). The life cycle for First Denham’s discipleship plan is death, birth (being born again), infant, child, young adult, and parent. In each of these stages you are experiencing new things and growing toward maturity in Christ. The goal is for every believer to move through these stages and grow up to become a disciple who makes disciples. Our discipleship plan, called Disciple University, is based on a strategy that is focused on developing as a disciple of Jesus Christ. That strategy is simple: study and do. There are twelve courses in Disciple University that are designed to help you grow up into Christ so that you can be a disciple who makes disciples. Download a copy of our DU Booklet here.